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Make Your Holidays Special By Visiting Himachal

Spending holidays at a different place away from your home after the weary working days relieves you from stress. Such holiday trips lighten the burden and become a source of collecting beautiful memories in your life.

Crowned by the rugged peaks of the western Himalaya, Himachal Pradesh is one of the places where you should definitely spend your holidays. It is a beautiful hill state in India located in the north-west region of western Himalayas. The place lies between Tibetan plateau to its east, Jammu Kashmir to the north, Haryana and Uttarakhand on the south-east and Punjab to the west. It is also known as “The land of Gods”. Due to extreme variation in the elevation there is huge variation in the climatic conditions too. It is divided into 12 districts and is also the administrative geographical unit. Himachal is rich in heritage like that of handicrafts which includes woolen and pashmina shawls, carpets, wood works, embroidered slippers, household items etc. Choosing Himachal as your holiday or honeymoon destination can help you enjoy the scenic topographic diversity and pristine breathtaking natural beauties. It will allow you to capture extra special moments during the enjoyment that you always dreamt for your holidays.

Though Himachal Pradesh is the least urbanized state in India, it is one of the famous tourist destinations because of its abundant natural beauties like high altitude Trans-Himalayan desert, dense green deodar forest, apple orchards, terraced fields, snow-capped Himalayan mountains, snow fed lakes and gushing rivers. The economy of Himachal is highly dependent on hydro-electric power, tourism and agriculture. The state is sought out by adventure lovers because of its mountainous landscape and valleys that provide refreshing crisp mountain air.

Some of the top tourist places of Himachal are:

1) Shimla: It is the capital of Himachal and was once used as the summer capital during the British rule. Along the mountain ridges of oak, pine and rhododendron forest lays the cool and charming town of Shimla. It’s mostly famous for the way in which the houses and railways are built, the mesmerizing views of scandal point, vice regal lodge, old Christ Church with its beautifully stained window glasses and other adventurous sports like short hikes.

2) Manali: It’s one of the most popular tourist places of northern India due to its soothing backdrop of Himalayas. It’s bordered by pine forest and ranges the Beas River located in Kullu valley.

3) Dharamsala and Macleod Ganj: It is the residence to the exiled Tibetan governments. This place is famous because many people come to undertake Buddhist meditations and philosophy course, Tibetan cooking classes, language classes etc. There are also some interesting museums, temples and monasteries.

4) Spiti: This high altitude area lies against the border of Ladakh and Tibet. It still remains partly unexplored due to the Alpine desert that remains covered with heavy snow. A long drive is involved to reach Spiti while providing worthy and unforgettable journey.

5) Dalhousie: Though this area is less explored by the tourists, it is the place to find striking and unspoiled views. Fascinating ancient folklore, temples, tribes and Kalatope wildlife sanctuary are located near Dalhousie city.

So spend your holidays in these most graceful places of Himachal Pradesh and add some beautiful memories to your life.

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