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Make Your Holidays Special By Visiting Himachal

Spending holidays at a different place away from your home after the weary working days relieves you from stress. Such holiday trips lighten the burden and become a source of collecting beautiful memories in your life.

Crowned by the rugged peaks of the western Himalaya, Himachal Pradesh is one of the places where you should definitely spend your holidays. It is a beautiful hill state in India located in the north-west region of western Himalayas. The place lies between Tibetan plateau to its east, Jammu Kashmir to the north, Haryana and Uttarakhand on the south-east and Punjab to the west. It is also known as “The land of Gods”. Due to extreme variation in the elevation there is huge variation in the climatic conditions too. It is divided into 12 districts and is also the administrative geographical unit. Himachal is rich in heritage like that of handicrafts which includes woolen and pashmina shawls, carpets, wood works, embroidered slippers, household items etc. Choosing Himachal as your holiday or honeymoon destination can help you enjoy the scenic topographic diversity and pristine breathtaking natural beauties. It will allow you to capture extra special moments during the enjoyment that you always dreamt for your holidays.

Though Himachal Pradesh is the least urbanized state in India, it is one of the famous tourist destinations because of its abundant natural beauties like high altitude Trans-Himalayan desert, dense green deodar forest, apple orchards, terraced fields, snow-capped Himalayan mountains, snow fed lakes and gushing rivers. The economy of Himachal is highly dependent on hydro-electric power, tourism and agriculture. The state is sought out by adventure lovers because of its mountainous landscape and valleys that provide refreshing crisp mountain air.

Some of the top tourist places of Himachal are:

1) Shimla: It is the capital of Himachal and was once used as the summer capital during the British rule. Along the mountain ridges of oak, pine and rhododendron forest lays the cool and charming town of Shimla. It’s mostly famous for the way in which the houses and railways are built, the mesmerizing views of scandal point, vice regal lodge, old Christ Church with its beautifully stained window glasses and other adventurous sports like short hikes.

2) Manali: It’s one of the most popular tourist places of northern India due to its soothing backdrop of Himalayas. It’s bordered by pine forest and ranges the Beas River located in Kullu valley.

3) Dharamsala and Macleod Ganj: It is the residence to the exiled Tibetan governments. This place is famous because many people come to undertake Buddhist meditations and philosophy course, Tibetan cooking classes, language classes etc. There are also some interesting museums, temples and monasteries.

4) Spiti: This high altitude area lies against the border of Ladakh and Tibet. It still remains partly unexplored due to the Alpine desert that remains covered with heavy snow. A long drive is involved to reach Spiti while providing worthy and unforgettable journey.

5) Dalhousie: Though this area is less explored by the tourists, it is the place to find striking and unspoiled views. Fascinating ancient folklore, temples, tribes and Kalatope wildlife sanctuary are located near Dalhousie city.

So spend your holidays in these most graceful places of Himachal Pradesh and add some beautiful memories to your life.

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Eliminate the Heat by Visiting in Himachal Pradesh

Are you planning to spend summer vacations at some cool destination and engaging environment? Then read this article carefully because I am going to throw some light on one of the captivating places on this terra. 

Himachal Pradesh is located in India and also known as paradise on planet earth. It is basically a state of northern India. Himachal Pradesh could be a destination you dreamed about, visiting this place in the month of June and July is very good idea of getting rid of irritating hot months of summer. You can come here and enjoy the amazingly beautiful green forests, snow covered mountains, hill stations and eye catching valleys. The scenic views over here will force you to stop over for a moment and extol the view.

Himachal Pradesh holds the title of most visited place on the earth. Himachal Pradesh is firstly preferred by tourists and holidays planner in the summer season. The natural inartificial beauty of this place will make you astonish. As a tourist you will always find other visitors admiring the gracefulness of this place.  Every year thousands of tourists visits here.

Himachal Pradesh is not only known for its scrumptious environment and beauty, the place is also known for surpassing hotel services. No matter if you are here or high class services or finding hotels that suits best to your pocket, you can have it all here. I would like to suggest go for advance booking in summers here this will always keep you on plus point and hassle free or you can also contact a holidays planner. 

Locations you can visit in summers:
Shimla: shimla is the capital of Himachal Pradesh and this place also holds the title of “queen of hill stations”. Shimla is very well known for its beauty and mint environment.  Extremely engazing environment will set you fresh and beatific. Famous Himachal tour places of shimla:

  •     Mall Road Shimla
  •     Shimla Ridge
  •     Annandale
  •     Glenn
  •     Prospect Hill
  •     State Museum & Library
  •     Summer Hill
  •     Viceregal Lodge

Dharamshala: Besides shimla, dharamshala is another you can consider to visit in summer season.  You can visit here and enjoy the pretty views. Famous tourist’s attraction of Dharamshala

  •     Triund 
  •     Dharamkot
  •     Kareri
  •     Dal Lake
  •     Nurpur 
  •     War Memorial
  •     Kunal Pathri 
  •     St. John's Church
  •     Mcleod Ganj
  •     Bhagsunag Falls
  •     Jwalamukhi Temple
  •     Dehra Gopipur
  •     Trilokpur
  •     Masroor

Kullu-Manali:  Amazingly beautiful place blessed with graceful waterfalls, snow covered peaks, beautiful green gardens and magical rivers. Famous Himachal Tour Places attraction of Kullu-Manali:

  •     Solang Valley
  •     Vashisht
  •     Hadimba Temple
  •     Rahalla Falls
  •     Monasteries
  •     The Manali Gompa
  •     Vashisht
  •     Jagatsukh
  •     Solang Valley
  •     Kothi
  •     Naggar
  •     Manu Temple
  •     Rohtang Pass

Dalhousie:  Dalhousie is an entrancing place. Every year lots of tourists visit and admire this place. This place can be considered in summer season for spending memorable holidays. Famous tourist’s attraction of Dalhousie

  •     St. John's Church - Church
  •     Rang Mahal - Palace
  •     St. Francis Church - Church
  •     Panchpula - Bridge
  •     Subhash Baoli - Picnic Spot
  •     Kynance - Historic
  •     Kalatop - View point
  •     Hotels near Kalatop »
  •     Laxmi Narayan Temple - Temple
  •     Bakrota Hills - Hill
  •     Bara Pather - Temple  

Visit Himachal Pradesh and grab happiest summer vacations ever.

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Let Your Wedding Life to be Outset with the Beauty of Kullu Manali Honeymoon

Everyone on this terra wants to make his/her honeymoon special, because this is the day where a newly married couple step forward towards a new life and tries to understand each other with a very loveable way.  Finding a best tour places with captivating environment plays a very important and vital role in making honeymoon special. I would like to throw some light on a place very well renown as a charming honeymoon place in India.Kullu manali basically this hill station is known as a paradise on earth and located in Himachal Pradesh one of the world’s most beautiful pace on the planet earth.  Kullu is situated 2050 m above from sea level and surrounded by sow covered mountains. Every year thousands of tourists visits this place for eulogize the views here. Mostly this place is loved by honeymoon travellers because of this place’s unmatchable natural beauty and extremely romantic environment.

The reason behind this place is first preferred and loved by newly married couples is its pleasant and tranquil atmosphere. Here the natural beauty of the place will add more affection in-between couples. Kullu manali eternally sparkles with graceful waterfalls, snow covered peaks, beautiful green gardens and magical rivers. The place is blessed with lots of engaging places and views, which forces the couples and tourists to stop over for a while and admire the view.  

Kullumanali has lots to offer for every couple and tourist. Fun loving people with serene and sober nature can explore the city and have a look on the famous tourist’s attractions and after that you can enjoy the hot springs bath at vashisth hot water spring this place is well known for hot water springs. You can get in there and have a hot water bath with a beautiful view. There are two different bath springs for men and women.

Killu Manali Tour won’t leave adventure and sports loving couples and tourists without any fun and loving memories. Enthusiastic and sports loving couples can visit Solang Valley this place covers 14km area of manali and known for providing heart touching views of mountains this place is also idle for skiing, hiking, paragliding, mountaineering, trekking, rafting, kayaking and mountain biking. Every year lots of tourists with sports hobbies visits this place.

Kullu manali is not only known for its glare and pulchritude. The place is also known for surpassing hotel services. Here in this place lots of hotels are available you can look forward to which suits best to your pocket. After making a decision for holidays or honeymoon one must consider a talk with holidays package provider because planning always puts you on positive side. These packages include your travelling means and stay, they will take care of each and every headache and you will only be left with enjoyment. 

You wont regret to begin you new married journey in Kullu manali. This place will say bye to you with lots of loving and memorable memories. 

Famous kullu manali tourist’s attractions:
Hadimba Temple
Rahalla Falls
The Manali Gompa
Solang Valley
Manu Temple
Rohtang Pass

Please do comments here to provide us more useful and helpful services and guidance!

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Best Holidays Vacations in Kullu Manali

Kullu-Manali is situated in Himachal Pradesh a very much beautiful part of our globe. Basically kullu-manali is located near Beas River. The city is very much charming mostly liked by newly married couples for honeymoon. The place is extremely romantic. The astonishing views and beautiful climate over here increases romance in the air. kullu-manali is blessed with hot springs, wild life sanctuaries and eye catching waterfalls. kullu-manali is mostly famous for Rahla Fall and Palani Fall waterfalls and Kheerganga, Kalath, and Vashishtha hot springs.   

The best time to plan your holidays in kullu manali is in between May to October rest of the months kullu-manali is either freezing or smiles with heavy rain. Best way to explore the city is by hiring a motorcycle or there are other means are also available like taxis and busses etc.  The place is very desirable and visited by most of the visitors and honeymoon travellers. 

  • Naggar Castle
  • Mahadev Temple
  • Bijli Mahadev Temple
  • Bhuvneshwari Temple
  • Gadhan Thekchoking Gompa
  • Dechen Choekhor Monastery
  • Himalayan Folk Art Museum  

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Himachalpackagetour.com offers marvelous holidays tour to Shimla and Kullu-Manali

Introducing exotic tour packages in shimla and kullu manali and making your holidays memorable.

3-dec-2012: Unmatchable Himalayan holidays tour Unit Company “Himachalpackagetour” is once again is in the news the reason behind is its new exotic memorable holiday offers in shimla and manali.
Himachalpackagetour is offering the marvelous heart grabber holidays packages for the tourists in the beautiful mountains of shimla and in charming lush green meadows of kullu manali. The company has lots to offer and it also claims that it has offers that suit every one’s pocket. The company is well reputed and known for its best offered tour services and packages in Himachal Pradesh.
Interested visitors can even browse the company web portal “Himachalpackagetour.com” and have a brief look of why they are offering and at what cost. Company also claims to make tourists holidays unforgettable. The best thing that makes the whole tour unit exceptional is its sense is customer need. Their professionals feels honor to take part in the tourist holiday planning in which they  suggests them what to chose according to their needs whether they are newly married couple or adventure lovers. Company even states to have lots of happy customers. Offers available here are always considered best in the tourism industry.
Holidays are good and important part from our life they gives some time to enjoy the life far away from the day to day hassles and worries. The good spent holidays are always considered in non- forgettable part of life. So choosing packages from   Himachalpackagetour won’t make tourists regret.

About the company: Basically Himachalpackagetour is a unit of Himalayan Holidayers which offers best and unmatchable holiday packages in various ranges.
To know more about holidays packages at Himachalpackagetour, feel free to browse through its website, http://www.himachalpackagetour.com/

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About HimachalPackageTour.com

HimachalPackageTour.com is a unit of Himalayan Holidayers, we have offices in Shimla and Manali. Himachal Package Tour is specialized in holiday packages specifically designed for the holiday goers and honeymooners in Himalayan ranges of Himachal Pradesh. Himachal Package Tour is a premium travel company which offers world class holidays in Himachal Pradesh. With over Ten years of experience in travel and tourism industry it offers perfect travel related services to meet the special needs of the guest in Himachal Pradesh. We believe when you are discovering a new tourist destination in a particular region you need a travel partner who understands your travel needs, a specialist who knows about destinations and who cares and who you can depend on, a travel partner whom you can trust. The dedicated consultant who listens to you carefully about your needs and offers you complete travel solutions. Our travel experts will help you with deciding where and what your next vacation will be help you with any airline reservations, offer you information on the options in travelling sights, and ensure you have all of your travel documents in order before you depart. In fact, you will work with our travel experts throughout the whole process. You can contact us via email or telephone for your travel needs We Believe in Caring for you always!!!! 

Why travel with HimachalPackageTour.com ( a unit of Himalayan Holidayers) ?
* We are a reputable and reliable travel company
* Wide range of packages for Himachal.
* Over 10 years of experience in Travels & Tourism industry
* Local agent for Himachal ( Offices in Shimla & Manali)
* Regd. With department of tourism (Govt. of Himachal Pradesh)
* No hidden charges
* We promise to deliver a 100% Guest satisfaction guarantee.

Our Services :
* Domestic Individual & Group Tour Packages For Himachal Pradesh.
* Special Honeymoon Packages
* Car Rental
* Bus Booking
* Hotel Reservations
* Group Tours
* Special Tours for Leh-Ladakh
* Corporate and Educational Tours
* Adventure Activities

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